Animal Cruelty And Animal Abuse In The United States

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An animal is abused every ten seconds in the United States (ASPCA). Animal cruelty includes a large range of behaviors towards animals, including neglect and brutal killings. Animal cruelty and human violence contain similar characteristics; both victims are living beings, feel pain, and can die from the abuse. Animal abuse cases have risen over the years and so have studies about childhood animal abuse as a gateway activity for later antisocial behavior. These antisocial behaviors include: heavy drug use, violent outburst, family cruelty, and murder. Most of the case studies come from examining children who commit animal abuse, even though adults cause many animal abuse cases.
The nation does not have any strong legalization to prevent animal
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Animal abuse can be classified as, “a behavior carried out intentionally to hurt or torture an animal, which may cause its death. It is a cruel act that causes pain and suffering to the animal” (Peterson). Animal abuse is a complex problem that can be hard to solve because of cultural differences. Cruelty ranges from kicking, pushing and teasing to drowning, shooting or killing. In 2005 APPMA National Pet Owners Survey reports that sixty three percent of U.S. households have at least one pet. As the number of pets increase, so does the animal abuse. Animals love their owners with all of their hearts. Many animal abuse cases have found that even after the animal has been beaten or hurt by their owner, they still want to stay with the owner or try to protect them. Animal abuse is cruel because the abuser is beating a helpless victim. Animal abuse isn’t something new, but it has become a larger issue because of the direct link that has been found from animal abuse to violent human …show more content…
In a case study of one thousand battered women, animal abuse was reported in seventy percent of these cases (Baenninger). One of the nine motivations that Gullone mentioned can help prove this. Retaliating against another person as revenge is one of the nine motivations that can be used in this scenario. Many animals get abused because they get put in the middle of domestic fighting. A dog or cat can be killed because someone is angry with their spouse and use the animal as revenge or as a way to prove to their spouse that they have control. Animals love their owners. In many cases an animal is hurt when they try to protect their owner from domestic violence. Women and children are usually compelled to be silent about the abuse that they are going through because the abuser threatens their favorite animal. Domestic violence needs to be stopped. We can help these spouses get out of a terrible situation by paying attention to those little details, like animal

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