The Facts, Causes, And Drawbacks Or Procrastination Essay

1369 Words Sep 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Topic: Procrastination
Purpose: To inform audience about the facts, causes, and drawbacks or procrastination
As students we value our time and know that every bit of our time cost something. We chose to attend school in hopes of bettering our future. With this amazing opportunity we are granted the freedom of making our own decisions including what to wear, eat, or when to do our work. Having this freedom we often decide that since no one is making us do the work that we have time to push it back to a later date. We often find ourselves procrastinating because we feel what we need to do is less important at the moment from what we feel like doing. We procrastinate because we do not feel the will to complete the task at hand. Many people often procrastinate when their task is uninteresting or they feel like they are going to fail. It’s a very common thing to do that often times we do not know we are doing it. Procrastination is a real issue that many people face and students more. We do not understand why it keeps happening although we know how we procrastinate. Procrastination not only affects ones grades but in the long run procrastination effects a person’s life. I will own up to being what most people like to call lazy individuals, a procrastinator. To be totally honest I can easily tell you a story about when I first started procrastinating years ago or I can simply tell you that this very moment I am procrastinating. I was assigned to write an…

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