The Factors Of Social Determinants Of Health

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What are social determinants of health? Why are these determinants important? Social determinants of health are factors that influence the health of an individual. They assist in determining the extent to which a person is able to satisfy their personal, physical, social, and environmental needs. This paper will discuss specific social determinants which are affecting a Canadian family, and the changes that can be made to better the health of this family. The family in discussion is the Johnson resident, Yvonne Johnson, a 35-year old black female. She is a single parent to her 15-year-old son, Randall. Yvonne completed a Bachelor’s degree in marketing but currently works as a fulltime administrative assistant. Yvonne receives child support on a semi-regular basis from Randall’s father, who he visits several times a year as he lives in a town nearby. Yvonne maintains a close relationship with her siblings and parents who live nearby.
Adverse working conditions, including long hours of work and not feeling valued may lead to excess stress. This is known as the social determinant of employment and working conditions. Women have reported that they are exposed to
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Reason being, elevated levels of stress can cause harm or aggravate illnesses. Stress can lead to unhealthy choices of food, substances or medication. With Yvonne experiencing an elevated blood pressure and weight gain, she must ensure a healthy diet is set in place. In conclusion, social determinants of employment and work conditions; health services, stress, bodies and illness have caused a single mother, Yvonne Johnson, to experience financial hardship, illness and extreme stress. Yvonne fortunately has the social support system of her parents and siblings, but changes with respects to coping mechanism and weight control/diet plans need to be set in

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