The Experience Of Having Fans And Having People Think Of You As A Celebrity

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So do you have the experience of having fans and having people think of you as a celebrity?

No. They say really nice things, but one of the things that has always been really important to me..there was one person in the beginning who was really nervous to talk to me, and I 'm like, "I 'm a regular person. I put my pant legs on one at a time." So I don 't have a lot of people who are like that, but if I see it, I like to let them know I 'm a regular person. Like I 'd love to talk to you about anything that 's going on in your life. But people have become really supportive of me--not just of the blog but me as a person. I think the most surprising aspect of all of this and the one thing I did not anticipate is the extra lengths people will go to to say that they support me and my blog and the work I do as a person. I think that 's why I haven 't had this celebrity status. I think if it was celebrity, they would be like, "Oh she 's this person and I can 't talk to her!" But instead, they recognize me as a person. I 've really developed a sort of family out of that which is really neat. As weird as it sounds, I know that there are people out there who if I needed something or I was having a bad day, there are people out there to point me in the right direction. They will give me that Scripture or tell me to go back and read the post I wrote. The edification and affirmation that they bring has been really transformative for me. So I 've really appreciated that. No celebrity…

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