The Expansion Of East Central University Football Essay

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East Central University football has worked hardly to increase the attendance to home events; however, there has been some success and failures in this process. Nevertheless, the athletic department has invested on updates of the facilities for the comfort of the fans. In the following document will be discussed minor adjustments that the organization will follow for the increment of attendance to each single game. In addition, this organization will be striving to increase the revenues of the organization based on tickets, concession, and athletic gear sells, sponsorship agreement, and advertisement.
To be able to reach all the goals set by the organization, the marketing program in conjunction with the department of athletics at East Central University will work together to implement an agreement with local businesses for advertisement of the games. In addition, East Central University will be involved in community service activities to improve the connection and affection of the community, which it is directly connected with the increment on attendance home events. Moreover, with sponsorship and advertisement agreement, the school will strive to project an image of the school that will not be just focused on the football program, but it will help to project an image of a desirable academic institution in the community.
East Central University is ann academic institution located in Ada, Oklahoma with an estimated of four thousand students. East Central…

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