Essay on The Ethics Of A Workplace

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Virtue Ethics in a Workplace When One is working at a company, they must know moral principles, showing respect and compassion because it shows your co-workers and your patients that you a have a sense of good ethical behavior and that you care for what you do. One tends to stand out a lot because you are a responsible person, you check to make sure everything is in order when you come in to work like making sure that the patients get a bath, making sure that you know when a certain patient needs to go get an X-ray or CAT scan checks, putting down the time when each patient needs to eat and when the patient cannot eat because of doctors’ orders. Another thing that is very important is communication skills. One must learn how to communicate well with their fellow co-workers because if you don’t, things will not get done and the relationship that you have with them will deteriorate. One thing to remember is that not all the time you will have a good work relationship with your co-workers because there is always one or two people that are not showing good ethical behavior. I remember when I was working with a nurse and she was trying to chart and she could not focus because the patient was calling her 5 times because she needed someone to help her to the bathroom and I was coming out of a patient room, the nurse yelled at me to go in the patient room and to go take care of them, I was appalled by how she was saying it to me and I said to myself “ she is one mean person…

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