Florida Hospital Code Of Ethics

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I would love to have an opportunity to work for the Florida hospital. Contrary to many in my business class I am a health major minoring in business. I want to work for a hospital, and the Florida hospital is my main interest in The Central Florida area. The Florida hospital is a non- profit organization. It is well known hospital. It stared in the early 1900’s by a group of missionaries. As years went by the hospital which back then was a farmhouse turn out to be this successful company in our state. One of the things that I like about the hospital is the mission which is “extending the healing ministry of Christ”. Based on the company faith based, they believe in healing the person as a whole such as the mind, body, and spirit.
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Ethic in the hospital is often a contradiction of values. It is not per say the medical actions themselves, but whether or not it will be beneficial to the patient and the family. The Florida hospital has a code of ethics for its employees and volunteer. The main focus for the code of ethics is to respect the patient and themselves and to abide by the hospital rules. The code of ethics is not only for the Florida hospital, but it is extended to its partners and vendors. In all. The Florida’s code of ethics symbolizes its philosophy and the expectations from their team. Furthermore, the hospital has an ethics committee to make ethically important decisions. The committee decides what to do in the case a medical decision cannot be reached, especially when there are governmental regulations. The hospital expects and encourages its employees to be ethical in every single aspect of their work, from patient caretakers, administrators and cleaning and technological team. One of the main aspects of the ethics code that is unnegotiable is the patient’s privacy. The Patient’s privacy has to be respected at any …show more content…
Not only do I admire the hospital’s mission, but also its vision. The hospital provides many benefits to its employees and the opportunity to advance and go higher in the company. The process for employment is rigorous. It is understanding as the hospital has a brand to protect, and it also has to protect the patients, thus, it makes sure it employs the right people. Clearly, working for a hospital is no easy task. I’ve worked in the food industry and customers service has to be on point. However, when dealing with patients in a hospital facility is a whole different story. Your interpersonal skills, morals and values have to be on an even higher level because you impact a patient, and it can be for the better or worse. working in such place requires empathy and respect. Interviewing and discussing with the manager gave me the opportunity to learn more about the Florida hospital and what such a great organization it is. No organization is perfect, and the hospital is no different. To me it is the number one hospital in Florida not only because of its size, but because of what it is doing in our

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