Accountability In The Health Care Industry

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This paper will discuss the importance of accountability in the health care industry because it is pertinent that everyone involved in a patient’s health care be held accountable what his or her part in providing quality of care.
Why accountability is important in the health care industry If there is no accountability in the health care industry there would be a divided line under which physicians, nursing staff, and other health care professionals would fail to adhere to the morals of using judgment and ethics along with integrity when treating patients. This would cause physicians to treat patient incorrectly, inefficiently and without malice of their actions. In health care, accountability is vital to how patients perceive physicians and
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Ethics provides health care professionals with a common purpose and gives them shared accountability as ethics have a fundamental role in creating trust towards the patient population (, 2012). A leader must that ethics into consideration when making decisions regarding what he or she thinks how one talks and applies values in relation to the employee one manages and the patients one treats. In leadership and management ethics is vital in forming the type of leader one intends to be or how that leader or manager values and integrity is perceived by the patients and …show more content…
Subsequently, voicing the expectations of each employee clearly but also allowing them to voice their expectations of me as a leader to ensure everyone is on the same page. Listening to the concerns and issues and when issues arise evaluate those issues and individuals surrounding those issues hold them accountable for their actions. One way to avoid a working culture of blame is to hold everyone accountable for their work and responsibilities, clarifying and acknowledge the differences of duties in each department and identify and resolve conflicts appropriately. One should work with all members of the organization to earn the trust and establish an effective process of accountability that will help the organization succeed.
The concept of accountability in the health care industry does not only resonate from the physician or other health care professionals to the patients and patients to the physicians. It includes management being accountable to the employees, employees being held responsible to themselves and each department within the organization to be accountable to the other ones that each my need to provide support or service to. The organization must have a unified structure that in place regarding accountability because all positions must work

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