St Schael's Hospital Mission Statement Analysis

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At St. Michael’s Hospital, the mission statement is supported by how the hospital performs, and reflects caring for a patient’s well being in “physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.” ( This is reflected in the content of the website in multiple categories.

For example, there is a section dedicated to the policy documents detailing advance care planning. This section provides an explanation regarding advanced care options for patients no longer able to make medical decisions for himself. This gives peace of mind for both the patient and family members who will be responsible for the medical care of the patient. This aligns itself with the mission statement because it allows patients
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This ethical decision making framework allows staff to find the best possible solutions as it relates to unique problems that may arise with patients under their care. They are taught to identify problems early and empathize with the patient, while gathering facts to work towards a solution that exhibits best practices for the patient and the organization. St. Michael’s Hospital also has a Patient Relations team dedicated to assisting patients who would like to be more informed to their rights as a patient in their …show more content…
Michael’s have a demonstrated plan to care for patients, they are also concerned for the care of their medical team. They mission statement further states, “…Building a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth.” (( They have developed and learned to foster a respectful environment, who act as a team. Upon the recommendation of their students, St. Michael’s opened a Student Centre where medical students can have a “centralized location for administrative resources.” ( They realize that happy medical professionals lead to happier and healthier

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