Advantages And Disadvantages Of The End Of Solitude

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In the article, “The End of Solitude” author tells us ways to end solitude from our lives. Technology brings a huge change in people’s boring lives; therefore, they are busy with different kinds of social activities. Technology also connects people from all over the world to build relations with each other. The author also suggested that solitude can be eliminated by different ways. I agree with the author’s point that technology has a huge impact on our lives as I observe that it is spoiling the youth, attention towards their goals and creating an avoidance of social interaction. The author explains that numerous people are addicted to technology as it is the easiest way to connect with each other. He also explains that people don’t have patience to be alone for some time because of addiction to technology. People think that they can end solitude by social …show more content…
Technology is the only thing which is spoiling the youth because everyone is on social media. When we plan to go out with friends or family, we post the status on Facebook to tell others that where we are going. The most of them use camera a lot to take every picture and post it on social media. This addiction affects them in various ways, for example, they don’t pay attention to themselves that they are using this thing without any purpose. The youth thinks that they know the internet and they can do everything. This over confidence leads them to a huge mistake of their life. One of my close friend was addicted to social media network. He was on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and he had no private life. He put everything on that because he wants to show everyone what he does in his daily life. He spoiled himself by using those things all the time. He didn’t focus on his future and destroyed himself. He tried to leave those things, but he couldn’t. He got a huge lesson from his mistake, but he’s still on social

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