Essay on The World Is All That Is The Case `` By Lee Seigel

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In “The World Is All That Is The Case” by Lee Seigel, he argues that although the internet and technologies can have great benefits, its downside cannot be denied. The downside of the internet is that it blurs the line between a fantasy world and real life. The internet is encouraging people to create independent worlds for each other that make it even harder to simply be human and be aware of the world. Technologies are assimilating human existence to an economic model which has nothing to do with being human. It does not include human needs, desires, and experiences.
Although technology has its benefits, it does in fact make it harder for people to integrate themselves in the real world that they have in front of them. Seigel uses a quote that states, “Sometimes you simply want to be alone, yet together with other people at the same time…But sitting absorbed in your screenworld is a whole other story”. Seigel is making a distinction between wanting to share solitude yet still being aware, and total detachment from the world you are in to an artificial world. The idea of going to do work or homework at a coffee shop or a library is to get something independently done while being aware of the people around you, the smells around you, and even the conversations around you. It is supposed to be a way for you to feel integrated within a group of people you may not even personally know. However, over time technology has sucked us into a whole different world where the computer…

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