Essay On How Technology Has Changed Health Care

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Throughout time the world has evolved. It has constantly changed, from our great ancestors discovering fire for the first time to the world’s first commercial jet pack and everything in between. As days go by technology continues to advance and thus keeps the world progressing, “By virtue of the intensive infiltration of digital devices into our daily lives, we have radically altered how we communicate with one another and with our entire social network at once” (Topol), Eric emphasizes the drastic changes brought upon by technology. Technology is involved in practically every aspect of our life and has greatly benefitted our society. It has revolutionized the way we live affecting the way we travel, communicate, and care for ourselves. Without a doubt technology has provided us with new innovations that have benefitted different career fields especially in the field of health. How exactly have these technology affected the healthcare industry? …show more content…
As the author of “Ways in Which Technology has Changed Health Care” says, “New machines mean a new demand for individuals trained in the use of those machines” there is a need for more people that know how to use the technology. Despite how many new machines seem to be taking over the work force the need for people to maintenance the machines also opens new job opportunities. Therefore the increase in the use of robots is not necessarily bad news as, “This is in fact making medical technology fields some of the best professions to get involved currently from a job security and advancement perspective.” The author also says that, “Medical technologists as a general class of professionals have seen a steady increase in employability.”, supporting his claim that this has opened new job opportunities. Needless to say there will always be room for improvement opening a door to more job

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