Julia Stewart's Performance Management Analysis

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The elements of performance management, which Julia Stewart uses at DineEquity, start with Goal Setting then moves into Feedback and Coaching, and brings it full circle to finish up with Rewards and Positive Reinforcement (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, p. 262-263). Inciteful, Stewart uses performance management so employees and leaders have the vision and line of sight knowing the company’s mission and how they contribute to the bottom line. According to Stewart, she was a born leader raised by a father who loved to teach others and see their reactions when they were successful. The elements of performance management Stewart used in the article were Feedback and Coaching, and Rewards and Positive Reinforcement. Ultimately, Stewart combined those two factors when she would go to restaurant locations, giving praise to employees for using the correct methods while providing feedback on opportunities for improvement in a positive manner. As a result, employees are motivated to learn and more …show more content…
27). For this reason, leaders can turn any experience into an educating session when the opportunities are present. Stewart’s role, as the CEO, plays a significant role in setting the tone for her subordinates to build this enthusiastic synergy among IHOP and Applebee’s employees. Stewart realized the value of employee performance was higher when executing this strategy. All things considered, Stewart used the same method when she took her father with her to visits of her restaurants by teaching, recognizing good behavior and performance, and in essence being the motivational driving force within DineEquity. As evidence of her success, Stewart was an effective leader and teacher, just in the corporate environment, providing quality feedback to employees in a positive manner, being the teacher her father always wanted her to

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