Achieving High Performance Case Study

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Achieving High Performance
What Needs to be Done? by Mark Armstrong, Glen Dale, Mayur Gandhi, Ben Reuhman & Joy Sipeli

Adapted from De Waal, A. (2010). Achieving High Performance in the Public Sector - What Needs to Be Done? Public Performance & Management Review, Vol. 34, (1), pp. 81–103.

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• Introduction
• Format of the show
• Soapbox
• Quiz at the end!

High Performance Organisations,
• Based on a paper from André A de Waal
• So what is a High Performance Organisation?
• What are the five factors that make it so?

Factor 1:
Quality Management
• Honest & courageous
• Self aware & agile
• Resilient
• Curious
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• Redundancies only as a last resort

Practical Implications
• Better Public Services Programme
• Physical and mental security

Factor 4:
Continuous Improvement
• Masters and innovates core competencies
• Outsources non-core competencies
• Enables employees

Practical Implications
• Usually Customer focused driven
• Visual Controls
• Staff engagement
• Cost of Implementations

Factor 5:
Quality Workforce

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