The Effects Of Youth And High School Sports

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The social construct of youth and high school sports leads to unrealistic expectations on the athlete, parents should never push a child to participate more than they are comfortable because it can lead to depression, physical injury, and sports burnout. Many children starting from a young age are pushed by their parents to participate in sports. According to Shugart (2011), obesity is not as large as an epidemic as the media portrays to the public, and is in fact the latest obesity analysis being performed show an inconsistence between how obesity is defined and combated (Suhgart, 2011). While many parents feel that sports also develop their child’s development psychologically, but Felfe, Lechner, and Steinmayr found that “Despite the popularity …show more content…
“At the junior-elite level, the risk of experiencing burnout may be especially pronounced due to a combination of intense physical demands and excessive psychological pressure that athletes perceive… (Appleton, Hall, & Hill, 2009, p. 458).” Strive for perfection and coach satisfaction is the foundation for athlete burnout as more and more emphasis is placed on sport achievement instead of enjoyment. In a study conducted by Appleton, Hall, and Hill it was found that elite level youth athletes exhibited high scores of perfectionism across the board and that the perfectionism score can correlate to athlete burnout because of the stress and pressure associated with it. They concluded that this is a main factor in the athlete’s motivation diminishing (Appleton, Hall, & Hill 2009). Being a top level athlete on my high school swim team I faced the pressure of performance on a weekly basis during swim season. The constant practices and need to get fast began to add up. Although I had the option to swim at a collegiate level I chose not to because the burnout effect that the high school sports environment had on me. Jowett, Hill, Hall, and Curran (2016) agree that striving to be perfect in a youth athlete setting can be a detriment to a child’s willingness to participate in

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