The Effects Of Video Games On Youth Essay

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Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist at the Pew Internet & American Life Project, says that “Teens have been a big contributor to this growth, with 81 percent of teens — 17 million people — using the Internet to play games online. That is a 52 percent jump since 2000— online games have become a widespread form of social networking.”
One cause of playing video games is that people want to escape reality. They want to reduce the stress of competition in their real life by living in the virtual world of the game. Video game bring entertainment’s virtual world for the player, so it has a great attraction to them. Dr. Kestenbaum, who is a clinical instructor in the department of psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Dr. Weinstein, who is an instructor in child psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, wrote in the report: “Those who play video games frequently ' 'are for the most part healthy adolescents ' '. For these players, video games have a calming rather than an excitatory effect in terms of aggressive and other energies. Heavy video-game playing seemed to fulfill the needs of children who, for whatever reason, did not feel licensed to be competitive in their real world.” (qtd. in Collins). This point means children’s life is not easy because there are many social, academic, and personal pressures. Therefore, when they are disappointed with their spot in life, but they do not know how they can solve the problem or have someone…

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