The Effects Of Video Games On Children Essay examples

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Techknowledgey It’s actually proven that if a student studies from a mobile device instead of paper, he will not only retain more information but will also end up studying 40 more minutes per week (Lee). The truth is some people do not care about statistics like this. It’s debatable about whether or not technology is beneficial to someone learning, but most evidence seems to point toward it being good. Many people argue this because technology creates new modern ways of learning, can be cheaper and more impactful, and makes learning more accessible and up-to-date. Video games are usually not used in schools because most teachers don’t play them so they don’t know how to integrate them into education (Shaffer et al. 303). But of course there are always exceptions like Minecraft, a popular, limitless game, which has not only been used in schools, but Microsoft, which bought Minecraft from Markus Persson, has recently released a version of the game solely for educational purposes since its “freedom and creativity that [it] offers to players means it has huge potential” (Bolton). Companies are realizing that games are becoming part of the future of schools, and they are creating these new ways of learning to benefit students. Schools have to advance with technology or else they will be left behind. One school in Korea is doing everything it can to get enough money to keep up with technology even though WiFi is ten times the amount charged for tuition (AsiaPulse News…

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