The Effects of Team Dynamics on Corporate Communication Essay

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Good communication skills are one of the required skills from the human being to maintain and achieve the expected outcomes of the organization or team. An effective communicator tends to work well in a team. Working as a team in any environment is more productive and the expected outcomes tend to be more of a profitable than working alone. In this report there will be the discussion on the effects of team dynamics on corporate communication. The topic will be divided into sub sections: developing positive team dynamics, effect of team dynamics on individual’s behaviour, personality types and team dynamics and also the author personality type will be discussed.
The communication theories and the categories identified by
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These kinds of people are either described as people who are out spoken, work well in a group (extrovert) or people who focuses on the inner world and this kind of person likes to work individually.
Introverts can sometimes frustrate the Extroverts, because of the strength of the Introverts shines when they alone and they are not more in group discussions as it stated that “Extraverted types who work best by thinking out loud and considering matters in dialogue can be frustrated by Introverted types whose best work on thinking and considering is done internally and detached from active interaction” (Personality Pathways, 2009). Even though these personalities are differing in terms of preferences, they can contribute to the team positively. Hence the introverts in a group will be treated as the knowledge source or the strategist of the group while


Since in the team people have different personalities, here there will be a discussion on how the groups or teams benefits to people with sensing and intuitive personalities. Effective communicators they first identify the problem and then propose solution(s) to the problem, so people with this kind of personality in the sense that they are more realistic, practical and got self confidence.
Psychological Types ( 2008a) explains that “Intuition is an ability

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