The Effects Of Stress On The Front Line Of Protecting Our Nation

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Veterans sign up to be on the front line of protecting our nation. During that process, veterans not only witness casualties of war, but also may have had to take a life to protect themselves from harm. Some soldiers may face physical disabilities from injuries, but the psychological harm from traumatic experiences are also marked on the veteran. These traumatic events can leave a soldier unable to return home and transition back into a world that seems so far removed from the violence they witness. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder can happen to anyone experiencing a life altering event. Veterans, particularly struggle with a brain unable to reconcile the traumatic event with life outside the war zone. In order to create this reconciliation, additional counseling may be required to help the psychological state of the soldier. Organizations help the veteran attempt to reintegrate into a new world that can return the veteran to a more stable and happier mental status.
PTSD Defined
Over the past several decades, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has become part of the regular lexicon and a recognizable mental disorder to the general public. The condition is a result of an individual experiencing a severely traumatic event at some point in their lives and the result is the inability to function effectively by not integrating the experience and resolving the episode mentally (Kanel, 1999). Without proper direction sufferers of PTSD have a difficult time…

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