Essay on The Effects Of Soccer On Soccer 's Influence On The World

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There are many things that have influenced my life over the past eighteen years such as family, friends, television shows, and video games. Yet the one thing that has influenced my life the most has been the sport of soccer. Soccer has had a great influence on the entire world each and every day. For many people around the world soccer is there whole life. Many people would say that soccer is the way to escape the hardships of the world. The sport also endures hardships on many people in the world. Playing soccer has had both positive, and negative influences on my life in many ways such as the many friendships I have made, the time I put into the sport, and how it made me into a hardworking person. Firstly soccer had a positive influence on my life because of all of the friendships I have made. All because of soccer I have had the privilege to grow up with a close group of friends. Since the first day of practice we became brothers all because the close friendship we developed over the few months that will last a life time. The sport has also gave me the privilege of meeting and playing with three people from foreign countries. Because of this it helped me understand more of the culture of France, Germany, and Norway. I have grown close with everyone that I have played with and we will stay close for the entirety of our lives. Secondly soccer has also had a negative influence on my life in the way that I have had to miss a lot of family time because of the hours that are…

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