The Effects Of Mental Health Facilities On Iowa Essay

1228 Words Jul 28th, 2016 null Page
Controversy over the addition of mental health facilities While Iowa’s mental health services are continuing to decline, and more mentally unstable are ending up in prison, there are many different aspects to take into account when suggesting a reform. In this essay, I will explain why creating more mental health facilities in Iowa is a true controversy. First I will describe Iowa’s current mental health situation and background on the issue. Next, I will dissect the different viewpoints (the state/government, mentally ill, hospital workers, and the community) of changing the current mental health policy and creating new facilities and how it is controversial. Throughout the past five years, the quality of Iowa’s mental health facilities and hospitals has declined rapidly. There have been many closings of psychiatric hospitals in Iowa, also known as deinstitutionalization. In addiction to the closings, Iowa has a shortage of psychiatrists and therefore rated 47th nationally per capita according to a previous review from the Heath Resources and Services Administration. There is talk about improving the ranking, and also the quality and quantity of mental health facilities but there will need to be significant funding. The funding would primarily come from the counties property taxes and state funding (Mills and Malewitz, Iowans fall through gaps…) This budget issue has lead seven countries to put mental health issues on a waiting list. However, Iowa still has a baseline…

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