The Effects Of Conservatism On The United States Government And How It Is Run

719 Words Nov 18th, 2015 3 Pages
Conservatism has been very strong in the United States since the 1930s until now. This has been shown over the past eighty years in politics with many government officials cautious about change and keeping to traditional values. This also goes for the citizens of this country as more and more households around the world are becoming more conservative and are teaching their kids these ways. This shows as Conservatives take account of the whole man, which means man is part an economic and animal creature. All these factors have effects on the United States government and how it is run. It effects both the people running for these positions and the decisions they make once they are in power. Gregory L. Schneider said, “I believe that the problem of race relations, like all social and cultural problems is best handled by the people directly concerned.” Even though this may be the case for a small portion of issues, I believe that this statement is not true for the majority. I believe that the concern, no matter what the case, should be a concern for the entirety of the government; especially in the aspect of terrorism because that is a world problem, not just the ones effected by it. The statement mentioned above by Schneider is a very bold statement. I do agree that small issues can be resolved by the states themselves, but bigger issues should not be quarantined to the area effected. Any concern or problem big enough to be a national issue, should be a national issue no…

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