Christo-Americanism And Terrorism: The Political Effects Of 9/11

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Nearly a decade and a half after the tragic and deadly attack of Islamic extremists of Al-Qaeda under leader Osama bin Laden known as 9/11, the effects are still felt and shown not only economically or politically, but on a deeper and more personal social level as well. The threats from ISIS have America on the brink of war yet again as the war on terror with the United States will never come to an end. Now called Patriot Day, September 11th was detrimental to the United States in many aspects, however, the terrorists were unable to accomplish their goal of breaking down the most powerful country in the world.

Politically Immediately after that horrific Tuesday morning in September, and within the decade that followed, people’s political
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These nineteen men were al-Qaeda Islamic extremists which already ties this terroristic issue onto a religious scale that would never again be the same. More and more Americans began to educate themselves on the Islamic/Muslim religion and culture to make sure that they were properly informed. However, the feelings that arose from this were mainly negative and created a strong Muslim backlash and religious prejudice creating what is known as Christo-Americanism and interfaith. This new blend was formed of a blend of strong American nationalism, conservative paranoia and christian rhetoric. Their common hate and distrust of all American citizens practicing Islam or Muslim cultures brought them together. Fourteen years later, the American Muslims are still not looked at the same way and are being protested against for attempting to build a worship area near Ground Zero. With this tragic event, many people were brought back to the church and began practicing a religion again. It brought young people a new interest in attending church and becoming one with their faith. Interfaith programs developed with this new generation which blended people of different faiths together for a common cause or goal. The White House interfaith program now has over 250 colleges involved, which is a major increase since 9/11, when interfaith programs barely

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