The Effects Of Censorship On The Teaching Process Essay

766 Words Dec 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout the lesson, I felt that I was mainly active in the teaching process. As a future teacher, one of my greatest fears is that I would bore my students, so I would always compensate by including activities or “getting out of presenter’s mode.” I feel like this is a strength in terms of attitude and enthusiasm, since it has allowed me to think outside of the box to design and implement activities. For example, the censorship game was actually an original idea that Zach and I came up with based loosely on Taboo. On the other hand, I feel that relying on the same style of teaching can also be a weakness in the sense that I would employ the same attitude towards all students rather than selective students that it would be effective for. From my past studies concerning motivation, I think that it is mainly personally oriented students that my attitude has the most positive impact on. Likewise, for intellectually oriented students, I think that this can be de-motivator since they would perceive me as being more concerned about being happy rather than looking for a discussion. For example, concerning Marlea and Aaron in class, I felt that my attitude was effective for Marlea since she seemed to reciprocate my enthusiasm throughout the lesson. On the other hand, Aaron did not, because, to me, it seemed like he was more interested in the conversation rather than the content. Don’t get me wrong, this is fine, but I felt that I needed to emphasize progress over discussion since,…

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