A Reflection Of Rhetorical Analysis On The Article

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nglish 1020 is a writing class and the majority of the activities we perform in the class are related to writing and also master our learning outcomes for the class. These learning outcomes are goals set for students by the professor so that the student can use these techniques in his future essays. Blogs, draft reviews with our peers and various other activities helped achieve these learning outcomes. There are a total of 5 projects and 10 blog posts which we had to finish to pass the class. I have achieved goals like writing about rhetorical situations, researching a topic I am unfamiliar with, making an evaluated and researched argumentative essay and describing my stance through an infographic. Writing these pieces have strengthened
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Although there were some errors in the essay, I definitely think improvement and learning new writing skills is the main idea of this class and essay. With that said, I think I have achieved the learning outcomes with my rhetorical

analysis paper. I had to change some rhetorical situations to modify my paper according to the context of the article. The basic goal for completing Project 1 was to annotate what the author wanted to convey in the article and writing an essay using a completely different tone and format. The main issue I had with this essay was the rubric. I didn’t understand what the audience or my professor was expecting but I soon came to realize the meaning of rhetorical analysis. Every project in English 1020 was different and unique from all the other essays that I had required to write for the class. Project 2’s objective was to search for a topic that we weren’t familiar with and had not much knowledge about. This made the research process a bit easy but still was an uphill task as it was hard to manage what information I required and
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This essay helped me develop my argumentative skills and how to construct and research from an argument from an already derived I-Search Project.
Project 4 is basically the visual representation of what we had learnt and understood from
Project 3. We had to make an infographic and support our thesis and argument using pictures and statistics which appeal the audience. One of the main learning outcomes from this project was on how to be creative and how to attract audience using your creativity. The infographic should be well structured and crisp. The data and charts should match and have good supporting evidence.
We had to make sure there wasn’t a lot of information that could confuse the audience which leads to a bad infographic review. Another learning outcome I mastered with the help of this
Project was how to reflect on your own work. After the infographic was completed, we had to write a 500-1000-word reflection which made us realize the choices we made to construct the infographic. The reflection made it easier to look back on what mistakes I had committed. This was more like a trail and error process and know what you have exactly achieved in the

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