The Effects Of Cellphones On Our Society Essay

1654 Words Jun 10th, 2015 7 Pages
In the beginning, people used to communicate by writing hand written letters. A person would simply use a quill pen, dip it in ink and began writing . After the letter is written, a person would go to the nearest mailing office to have it mailed off, put it in their mailbox or have their servants deliver their mail for them to the person they wrote to. During the 1800’s, another form of communication was the telegraph, which was developed in 1830’s and 1840’s by Samuel Morse. The telegraph was invented to handle long-distance communication. The machine consisted of dots and dashes that corresponded to the alphabet. These were ways of communication back then, until the 20th century were technology started to progress. Throughout the years, many inventors started creating ways for people to choose how they wanted to communicate. Today, people use cellphones for texting and phone calls, computers for emailing or social media, soundcloud , video games and webcams.

Cellphones has become a major impact on our society. At least everyone has a cellular device. In my opinion, texting and mobile apps have made our lives easier, but it also have its cons to it. If there’s something thats on your mind at the moment, you can simply just text whoever you may need to text. Mobile apps were invented to make it easier for a person to save data or to view certain things without having to resort to using a computer. However, others may disagree. Cellphones can affect relationships…

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