Pros And Cons Of Limiting Social Media Essay

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Teenagers should Limit Social Media
Social Media has both positive and negative effects, unfortunately, the negative effects are quite strong. A positive effect would be that due to Social Media we can communicate with friends and family from all over the world, though the negative effects are that you can be harming your brain due to using Social Media all the time. Limiting the use of Social Media is a really excellent choice because if you don’t limit the use, you can harm your brain and mental Health. In my opinion, teenagers should be able to use social media, but on a limited basis. Social media should be limited because, it affects your brain due to the blue rays, can increase depression caused by cyberbullying, and it also prevents
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Sometimes teenager could possibly get cyberbullied by the gender. This all happens when you post pictures and you get unpleasant comments, that make you feel bad. About 25% of high school teenagers get cyberbullied and they consider suicide. I would say that there's totally no need to consider suicide if you were to limit the time you are using social media, you wouldn't get depression either. Teenagers should always think before they post. There are so many negative effects of Cyber bullying on our Mental Health. Cyber Bullying can affect physical and Mental Health, both in a very short term and later on in the lives of teenagers. It may even lead to Physical injury, social problems, and even death. Research studies have shown that anyone involved with bullying- those who bully others, those who are bullied, are both increasing their risk for depression. Social Media has about 70% of students report seeing frequent Cyber bullying online. Only 1 in about 10 teenagers would inform their parents or a trusted adult about them being Cyber bullied. Some Teenagers are quite afraid to tell a parent or a trusted adult because they think they might get punished or get in big trouble. I believe that if you were to tell an Adult or a Parent you wouldn't be feeling unsafe because the Parent or Adult could help you. …show more content…
They also would say that social media help students do better in school. 59% of students with access to the Internet report that they use social media to discuss educational topics and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments. I disagree with this because Social media doesn’t spread information faster because you never know, that information you are reading could be fake. It's better to listen to the news channel cause they would not be revealing fake News. Social Media doesn’t help students, it actually makes them focus less on school. Their brain gets distracted when they are on the internet or using Social Media, it makes them loose grades in School. There are Teachers, who Teenagers can ask if they need any help at school because they can explain it better than the Internet. All teachers are always willing to help, if you need help so why not get help from a Teacher rather than the

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