Essay about The Effects Of Bullying On My Life

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I grew up in a small town called Breaux Bridge and attended the same school from kindergarten to eighth grade. While I never hated this part of my life, I had always wished for something more. I wanted to better myself in more ways than one. My school had around 100 kids per class, and I was always ranked at the top. Because of this, I experienced many years of bullying. People made fun of me because I made good grades and had high test scores. I was also bullied because I was overweight as a child and because my parents didn’t make enough money to buy me expensive clothing. No matter what the circumstances were, I constantly felt bombarded with criticism and judgment. I became introverted in order to protect myself, but I realize what a negative effect that had on my life. I suffered from depression for many years, but found a release in something I never thought I would: YouTube. It began with a new-found love of funny videos and Twilight parodies. However, it grew into something much more than simply watching videos. I began making my own “films” with my sister and my friends. They were terribly directed, the acting was awful, the editing was atrocious, but it was so exhilarating. For the first time since fourth grade, I actually had a reason to smile. For years I continued to make these home-made videos. It wasn’t until I began high school that I found my love for public speaking and theatre. I took every speech class that was offered at my school as well as…

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