The Effective Nature Of Content Marketing Strategies Essay

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Selling yourself through valuable content
The effective nature of content marketing strategies in branding
When it comes to effective content marketing, there are different view on how to go about obtaining the best results. Some would argue that the focus needs to be in social media where there is a large following and sharing of organic content (Forbes). But focusing just on Social media is Social media marketing and not necessarily content marketing. To be effective content marketing the company must distribute valuable and attractive content to the viewer in order to drive them to make a purchase. As such, companies must focus on both Social Media Marketing as a means of Content Marketing Strategies as well as non-social avenues.
Social Media and how it can build your content marketing
In a recent article by Ash Read, it was stated that Facebook is shifting away from organic reach into a paid marketing channel resulting in ads which target audiences more apt to purchase than the former organic reach. To expound upon the former article, it should be stated that when a company is first beginning their content marketing and brand building, that it is essential to use the organic reach in order to gain the largest number of possible viewers. This being the case, diversifying over several social media networks is a plus. Think of it in terms of ROI. When a company does not have the revenue in which to put to a targeted campaign, the company must focus on reaching to maximum…

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