The Effect Of Rule Changes In The NFL

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Changes In The NFL
There have been so many rule changes to the NFL, most people do not keep track or even know why they have made them. A lot of them were to make the NFL safer, more appealing to the viewers, and more fair. For example, they added more cameras around the end zone for the refs to make better judgements and players get fined if they lead with their head when hitting other players. These are just a couple of the many rule changes they have made to the NFL.
The Patriots were once active again active with suggested rule changes: New England proposed a tweak that would eliminate the ban of challenges in the final two minutes of the half and overtime. The reason they want to do this is because there a lot of situations where a challenge could be used if the booth does not decide to review. The refs are not perfect so when they slip up and make a bad call, it would be helpful to be able to throw that challenge flag. For example, in the super bowl, when the patriots caught that interception it would
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The spotter will be able to stop the game if they believe that they have clear visual evidence that a player is showing obvious signs of disorientation. It could mean that they are suffering from a concussion. The league is doing this because a lot of players will say they are fine instead of seeking medical attention, just so they can stay in the game and make sure the team wins. The main reason for this is because in the super bowl, Julian Edelman, a player for the Patriots, was hit in a head to head to collision. He did not get up right away which made people ask if he was fine. Of course, since it was the super bowl he shook it off and told everyone that he was fine, though he was slow getting up. So after that the league decided to have medical spotters so that the players will not have to play when they are hurt. This will make the league safer for the players and is in the best

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