The Effect Of Gun Control Laws On The Crime Rate Essay

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Previous studies, which examine the effect of gun control laws have generally failed, with the exception of a few, to discover a statistically significant gun control effect on the violent crime rate. This present study is concurrent with inferences drawn from previous studies about their inability to discover statistically significant gun control effects. After conducting our analyses there was not a statistically significant effect, with the exception of one relationship, on predicting fire arm assaults, robberies or murders through varying gun control laws or sociological factors. Although we were able to find a statistically significant relationship in predicting fire arm robberies by the amount of individuals who obtain a high school degree or higher, we are still unable to conclude and generalize that gun control laws have an effect on the violent crime rate. This present study suggests that gun control laws may be a very mild to a little deterrent, if more gun control variables and demographics had been used, but it recommends that future research should be more highly be focused on other areas of research to reduce the violent crime rate.
Limitations of the Research

There were a few limitation of the study which should be noted. One limitation is that this study is unable to be generalized as data was Florida was excluded due to the fact that they had submitted data that did not meet the guidelines provides by the Uniform Crime Report. Another…

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