The Domestic Violence Of Super Bowl Commercials Essay

765 Words Feb 26th, 2016 4 Pages
The 50th Annual Super Bowl that aired on Sunday, February 7, 2016, had a great amount of commercials that were created exceptionally well for the audience. Although there were many incredible commercials, one of the commercials stood out to me the most amongst the rest. Many companies use the Super Bowl commercial spots to advertise their products, although, one commercial conveyed a meaningful message regarding domestic violence, from the NO MORE Campaign. NO MORE has been known in the past to provide gut-wrenching yet effective anti-domestic violence advertisements during the Super Bowl Commercials.
In this years commercial, it shows an iPhone text open amongst two friends. One of the friends is sending pictures of her having a great time at the Super Bowl party, to Jess and asks if she is sure that she can not make it to the party. Jess responds by saying she does not think so and that she does not think that it would be a “good idea.” When the friend asks if something is going on, Jess says that “Jake”, whether that be her boyfriend, fiancé, husband, etc. is “in one of his moods,” and that she should probably not go out. When the friend asks Jess if she is OK, Jess begins to type and then the “…” text bubble suddenly stops; this happens two more times. Aristotle’s philosophy is the way in which a speaker chooses to persuade an audience is based off of three distinct approaches. These crucial persuasion approaches are ethical strategies and consist of the terms: logos,…

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