Essay on The Dollhouse ( Short Stories Go

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The Dollhouse (Short stories go in quotations)
Autumn Oldaker I want a tiny doll to add to my collection, and I will take her while dressed in scrubs strolling the halls of a hospital. Today there is a variety of girls to choose from. As I explore the halls of the hospital, I fancy the infants because I have never had one that young. I explore the maternity wing in search of my new doll. I enter a room labeled 121 and a radiant baby girl lies in a woman’s arms. The glow of her skin catches my eyes, her eyes are as blue as the sky and they twinkle when the light hits them, and her hair is brown like a tree branch and has little curls that sit on the top of head. I want her. She is my doll, and I will take her now. "Miss," I say to the women holding my doll. "I have to take your baby to do some tests.” "Already? I just got to hold her," she replied with a sad look in her eyes. "Yes I am sorry. We will be back before you know it," I say back to her with a smile on my face. The woman places the doll in my hands, and I walk off with her out of the hallways through the doors and make it to my van without anyone noticing. I have a car seat strapped in the back seat that I purchased this morning because I wanted my doll to be safe. "You are the most beautiful doll I have," I whisper to my new doll as I strap her into her car seat. I close the door and head to the front seat and I drive for two hours till I reach my home filled with dolls. I…

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