The Diversity Of Students And Incorporate Students Into A Diverse Culture

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Goal 1: Incorporate a diversity of students and incorporate students into a diverse culture
• Include diverse content. In planning my class and creating the curriculum, I will purposefully pursue resources that come from other countries and cultures, and are not just out of a commonly used textbook. Many of my sources will be primary sources that proclaim the voice of minorities. Even using one such source throughout the year and studying it thoroughly can help my students to recognize that no human can know the empirical truth.
• Assist in making connections with other communities. One way that technology can be helpful is by connecting students to their peers across the world through the internet. I will make it a priority to connect my student through video chat and e-mail to their fellow students in another country, so they can compare and contrast their lives.
• Involve families of children. Each child’s family, even if they all are of the same ethnicity, has a unique history and a unique set of values. Along with this, often comes activities such as story-telling or singing that can be a very helpful way to reach students in a way that is comfortable to them.
• Self-discovery. As a child learns more about his/her own culture and family, they can see themselves as a unique part of a community, country and world, and appreciate others values as well. This will be key for teaching in areas where students feel that the way they live is just “normal” and…

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