The Digital Age Has Changed Our Lives Essay

776 Words Jul 25th, 2015 4 Pages
The digital age has changed our perception of time, a lot of us now carry a device that we called smart media devices either a phone or a tablet and it continues on to beat the odds. Our lives are not the same anymore when these technologies came into our lives, we use it to communicate, educate and for the convenience it brings to our lives. With the help of digital technology we are constantly communicating, sending messages and making phone calls from any parts of the worlds nowadays. The introduction of video calls that makes us see the person we are talking to in real time has changed the communication even better. The digital technology advances fast to help us adapt with the ever changing modern world. Every year there is a new trend that is introduce to us to make our lives easier, for example in 2012 Siri the digital assistant is introduce into apple smart devices to help us set up schedule and throughout our busy day to keep up with appointments. Falling in line in the bank to deposit a check or transfer money has changed forever, with the use of smart devices taking a picture of the check and depositing check digitally will save you a lot of time. Even sending money worldwide with just a few clicks away online, it has became more time-saving for us. Few years back people are still sending snail mails and greeting cards, now everything is digitized to make it on time to the receiver, its just a one click away and you can received a birthday card greeting through…

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