The Impact Of Technology And Its Effects On Society

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Impact of Technology on Society
The discovery and production of coal was vital to the creation of the modern world as it’s abundance sparked the industrial revolution, paved the way for the creation of Watts steam engine. It also allowed us to manufacture materials that were never able to be made before efficiently, gave electricity to cities and allowed the economy of many small countries to improve dramatically in a short period of time.
The industrial revolution would not have been possible without coal powering the thousands of factories and plants around the world. Once the industrial revolution started in the late 1700s the demand for coal increased dramatically. By 1850 the demand for coal has increased by 500% (Coal in the Industrial
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From this fix he completely changed the concept of transportation (Humanity From Space). The first person to take advantage of this invention was Robert Fulton. In the early 1800s he was the first person to successfully build the steam boat. After that companies realized they could use steam engines to power larger boats to carry freight across the ocean. After a few years Richard Trevithick constructed he first ever locomotive train powered by steam. The train made traveling much more convenient and easier for the general public. It allowed people living in the country side to travel to the city to look for more work, and this eventually led to urbanization in cities which were categorized as towns prior to the industrial revolution (Humanity From Space). Another important form of land transportation that flourished was the automobile. After people realized the potential of steam powered engines, they tried to duplicate this technology on their stage coaches. Richard Trevithick was also the first person to build a stage coach powered with steam ( After they were used in general service in wouldn’t be in till 1873 where steam engines would be used to power cars that look similar to the ones on our roads today. Amedee Bollee Sr. was the first person to power an automobile with steam using the modern …show more content…
This change allowed it last for 1000 hours (Humanity From Space). From this he became the originator of the electrical grid, which offered power to a small number of customers. This small achievement rapidly expanded to the vast and complicated electrical grid system we know today. Currently the electrical grid supplies 80% of humanity with electricity and we consume 55 trillion kilowatts of electricity every year (Humanity From Space). None of this would have been possible without the use of coal fired plants. Coal was the main resource used to run the thousands of power plants that were built during the industrial revolution and to this day the majority of electricity comes from coal. This invention founded our modern world as we know it. From powering small lamps to large cities none of this would have been possible without the use of coal. In this process of our world consuming large amounts of coal, a few small countries were able to grow their economies rapidly due to exporting this valuable resources to many

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