The Diffusion Of New Technology Of Social Media Among Students Of Hawaii Pacific University

1573 Words Nov 21st, 2015 null Page
The chosen topic for this thesis is the diffusion of new technology of social media amongst students of Hawaii Pacific University. Communication between people has advanced, from writing letters, to sending emails, and now through different social media platforms. According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the number of students using the Internet grows annually each year (as cited Metzger, Flanagin & Zwarun, 2003). Therefore, in this study, social media is a term that refers to Internet-based sites and services that promote social interaction between participants. A few examples of these Internet-based sites and services are discussion forums, blogs, wikis, podcasting, and social networking sites.
Social media has become a great online platform for students, since it makes a much easier way of connecting people and sharing information. Students can use it to share opinions and experiences through photos, videos, as well as music and more. Unlike mass media, which is presented as a one-to-many broadcasting mechanism, such as television, radio or print newspapers, social media delivers its content through a network of participants where the content can be published by anyone, however distributed across potentially large-scale audiences (Luttrell, 2014).
The social media pop-culture has become a platform where attitudes are being changed, and words such as “Selfie”, “Unlike” and “Tweet” have become words we are using in everyday…

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