Essay about The Differences Between Christianity And Judaism

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Christianity pulled away from Judaism and became its own religion after the crucifixion of Jesus from Nazareth. Even though Christianity originated from Judaism there are striking differences that sets the two religions apart. Christianity and Judaism both originated in Israel and are monotheistic religions. In Judaism, the concept of divine states that there is only one Being in the universe. There is no human being equivalent to one Being because it is incomparable. The nature of God is viewed as one unity in Judaism. Even though Christianity is monotheistic, the believe of divinity differs from Judaism. Christianity sees God comprised of three unities called the Trinity. The Trinity consist of the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God the Father is considered to be the creator of the universe and God the Son is considered to be the actual Son of God who has a divine and human nature. The Holy Spirit is believed to have the combination of the God and the Son divine nature. Jesus is believed to be the Son of God. The difference in divinity is significant because both religions are monotheistic, yet Christianity believes look at the divinity as three separate unities instead of just unity like Judaism. Another difference between the religions are the traditional ceremonies. The similarity of the traditional rituals is that they are performed when someone enters the stage of religious maturity. In Judaism, Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage that signifies the…

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