The Development Trend Of Wireless Communication Essay

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With the development trend of wireless communication, the main application scenarios of D2D communication in 5G network are as follows:
Local service
Local service generally can be understood as the user side of the business data is not through the network side (such as the core network) and directly for the local transmission.
A typical case of local business is the application of social, social characteristics can be regarded as the application of adjacent D2D technology application based on one of the most basic scenes. For example, the user through the discovery of D2D function to find areas adjacent to interested users; through the D2D communication function, can transmit data between adjacent users, such as content sharing, interactive games.
Another scenario based local business is the local data transmission. Local data transmission using D2D data through adjacent properties and characteristics, expanding mobile communication scenarios while saving spectrum resources, bring new business growth for operators. For example, adjacent properties of local advertising service can accurately locate the target user based on the advertisement benefit maximization: enter the mall merchants or located in the vicinity of the user, can be received by merchants send commercial advertising, discounts, and other information; cinemas are located in the vicinity of the user to push the cinema movie schedules, trailers and other information.
Another application of local business is a…

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