The Design Of Grounded By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Grounded was a creatively executed, compelling play about a Pilot and her struggle to keep her identity as a fighter pilot while still being a loving mother and wife. The show was held in the basement of the Longstreet Theatre in a small, dark room. There was one actress on stage, but it was obvious that the production involved several other people to pull it all together back stage. The show was designed so that the audience could see the actress playing the Pilot, a single chair, and a variety of projections on the draped ceiling. The elements of the set, although there were only a few, were cohesive and helped the audience to stay focused on the actress for the majority of the show. The design of the play was well thought out and although minimalistic, there was deep thought behind each aspect. The overall design of Grounded was cohesive, the lighting played a significant role in the understanding of the plot, and there were unique aspects that stood out to me as an audience member. The set design of Grounded was unlike any set that I have seen before. It was in the basement of a theater which was definitely an unconventional location. There is irony in the fact that it was held in a theater, but somehow managed to be an unconventional location in the theater itself. The set had an eery, dark and simplistic atmosphere. The dark elements of design were cohesive and they all worked together to tell the story. Grounded had an intricate plot that was difficult to follow at…

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