Essay about The Death Penalty Should Not Be Allowed

925 Words Apr 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Growing up, I never knew much about politics. However, more recently, I have researched on who I want to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, as well as having a US government class. To discover my political ideology, I took three surveys: The Pew’s Research Center’s Political Ideology Quiz, the Nolan Chart, and I Side With. I have determined that I am a strong liberal and will join the Democratic Party. I believe that we need gun control, the death penalty should not be allowed, more action should be taken to protect the environment and resources, equality for everyone, and that healthcare should available to everyone. As a country, we should be more concerned about guns and who has them. You hear about mass shootings almost every week. Too many children can get their hands on these guns and hurt themselves or others, due to their parents negligence or failing to lock the guns up safely. Not everyone should be able to have guns. People who have a past criminal history shouldn’t have them legally, as they might do something bad again. People who want a gun should have to have extensive training, background checks, and psychological testing. Anyone who uses their gun irresponsibly or does not lock it up safely should have their gun taken away as it poses a risk to others. I also think we should eliminate the death penalty. Often there is a chance that someone might be wrongly convicted. If they for sure did the crime, they should have to live with what they did.…

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