The Death Penalty Should Be Legal Essay

1480 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Imagine, the news comes on and you hear about the latest gruesome murder, or the one of many rapes that occur daily in the United States. What if you were that person on the T.V. screen, would you want justice for the world crushing, life-altering pain that someone caused you and your family? The death penalty should be made legal in the United States because it allows for justice to be given to those people who have committed vigorous crimes and most importantly, it decreases the chances of overcrowding in prisons, where dangerous criminals could potentially be let free. The death penalty is a controversial yet essential topic that is debated about throughout the world. “An eye for an eye” and “They get what they deserve”, is what comes to mind when the discussion of the death penalty arises. The death penalty is thought to bring justice against those who have committed excruciating crimes, crimes that we dare not to talk about. An article entitled “How often does Sexual Assault occur” stated, “When a criminal does an act to fulfill his selfish motives resulting into personal gains, then the equilibrium of justice in society is disturbed. If a criminal can dare to snatch away liberty, peace and lives from any individual then the justice says that he should also be deprived of all these facilities leading to a comfortable life in the society” ( n.pag.). It would not be morally right for a person who just took someone 's life or destroyed it in more ways than…

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