Should The United States Abolish The Death Penalty?

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Within the United States of America, the death penalty is a continued controversy practice. The United States practices capital punishment on a state level; there are thirty-two states with the death penalty. Therefore, despite the ongoing battle to abolish the death penalty, majority of states comprehend the sentence as a necessary punishment to certain crimes committed within each state. In Texas a person can be sentenced to death row even if the criminal is not responsible for the actual murder while in Alabama that same criminal may not be punished to the degree of death. Also, many states have the power to grant clemencies; some states take advantage of this while others do not, states can also determine the method of which the death will be carried out; …show more content…
It is in this context that we must consider whether the execution of these petitioners would violate the Eighth Amendment.” White practices the power of Judicial Review to dissect the case and concur with the majority. He states that there will be conflicts between the court and legislative and admits that this is one of those times; the court cannot deem the punishment given by the States valid and therefore, in all three cases, the sentence is unconstitutional. White, however, did not imply, like other fellow justices that the death penalty should always be considered

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