Essay on The Deaf Community Services Of San Diego

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Charity is a very important thing in our society. More and more young kids today try to help the homeless, elderly, and those in need. Kids and adults have started organizations to take care of their fellow human beings. There are volunteer organizations such as light house for the blind and visually impaired. There are many different types of volunteer opportunities available at the Light House and its satellite locations, and they encourage volunteers to take an active role in assuring that their interests, talents, and proclivities are put to good use to elevate their organization. At this organization they help the blind or visually impaired do every day things that they struggle to do with their lack of sight. People sign up and the guide people at the store, restaurant, or just guiding them around the park. At this organization they also do a run for awareness of how much blind people need help.

There are organizations for the deaf too such as the deaf community services of San Diego. At this organization they help translate for the deaf so they can understand what
People are saying and also so they can have someone talk for them because most deaf people have a speech impediment.
There are so many volunteer organizations for the homeless such as coalition for the homeless. “The Grand Central Food Program brings food directly to where hungry and homeless people are: Each night, our fleet of vans delivers life-saving meals of hearty stew, bread, fresh fruit, and…

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