The Day That Started A New Beginning Essay

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It was Friday, January 8th, 2016, the day that started a new beginning (at least in my mind). It started like any other day with me sleeping soundly in my memory-foam bed. I remember I was in the middle of a dream where I was back in my high school AP (advance placement) United States History class being taught by Coach Hunter. I was with my old friends sitting towards the back of the class joking around and having a good time and then out of nowhere a sudden jolt awoke me from my slumber.
It was my mother who had woken me up at 5:45 that morning so that I could get ready for the day ahead. As I slowly I got up out the bed, I soon realized that what I had dreamed was only that just a dream and it was time for me to start my next step in life. That next step was none other than college and the first step of college is of course orientation.
As I began to undress in the bathroom my mind started racing with thoughts on what the day may hold for me. Who will I meet? What will I be doing? I hope don’t get lost. Maybe it will be enjoyable. As my worried mind thought these unanswerable questions I realized that I had been in the shower for than I had planned so I rushed to brush my teeth, get dressed, and get together all of the belongings I wished to bring.
After completely getting ready, I wished my brother to have a good day since he would be attending school today as normal instead of going with my parents and me. As my brother went out to catch the bus, my Dad and I waited…

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