The Day That I Won The Lottery Essay

2604 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 11 Pages
The day that I won the lottery was unforgettable. I recall how my husband came home with an enormous a cake in hand to celebrate. Later in that afternoon, the house began to fill in with ecstatic family and friends. The night was filled with energy and enthusiasm at our discovery of a future overseas. My husband and I had wanted to move to America since we got married. My dream as a mother was to see my daughter showered with the opportunities America provided. When the party ended, my husband turned to me and said with a smile, “It’s daunting task but it will be worth it.” I smiled back with genuine happiness. My two-year old child was the light of my life and offered a bright promise. It was so crazy how a little person could influence your decisions. It comes to a point where you stop thinking about what will benefit you but what will benefit your family. A few years prior, I had graduated from an engineering college and leaving my home country might mean leaving a lucrative career. I was torn about pursuing the goals that I had set for myself for the sake of my family. “ Am I willing to sacrifice?” I asked myself as my view captured my angel sleeping on her bed. After few days, my devoted husband came home with the tickets in his left hand. My joyous husband and my daughter danced and sung, “We are going to America! We are going to America!” I whispered as my heart started beating faster, “It’s real! It’s not a dream.” My daughter walked into the kitchen to grab my…

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