Personal Narrative: How My Lone Star Experience Influenced My Life

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“How my Lone Star Experience Influenced my Life”

When I was 17 years old I came to the United States. Just fresh out of high school, my goal was to study hard, ace my tests and get my degree. However, as the situation worsened in my country, I realized that I would have to worry about much more than just developing academically. Soon, I was not only learning to get along with the five more people living with me, and studying for my finals, but I was also looking for a job, searching for scholarships, and worrying about every cent in my bank account. I came to Lone Star as a way to save money until I got into the big universities, but with all the changes in my life I cannot be more thankful that I did.
During my first semester in college,
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Spending my time on campus in that way have allowed me to meet the most amazing people, with the most incredible stories. I have seen from single mothers with perfect GPAs, to high school students who balance their prom year with Calculus III classes, and international fathers trying to create a brighter future for their children. All of them, myself included, are grateful to the Lone Star community. Here, we all receive support on a personal level. When the situation got bad in Venezuela, I do not think I would have received as much support anywhere else as I did here. Many colleges just spelled their Venezuelan students, because for them money was more important. However, in Lone Star, the person is more much valuable. If I had not being in such a caring environment, my life would have been completely different as it is right now. I would have not been able to complete my studies, and I would have certainly returned to Venezuela. Thus, I would be eternally indebted to Lone Star College for giving me this opportunity to grow, and explore my potential. I will always consider Lone Star as a place where the doors are open for us, international students, in a way that very few other institutions have them, and I am really grateful for

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