The Day School Should Be Beneficial Essay

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A four-day school would be beneficial to students because this would cause less stress and another day of rest. It would help students to relax but at the same time make them stay active. They would want to do activities outside of school like just going outside with friends to play or get some sun. Some may abuse their extra day as a lazy day which is not what a four-day week is supposed to be for. Extracurricular activities practices could be on the extra day off. One extra day to study and do homework would be helpful to the students. Students may also finish their projects on this day. The attendance in students will increase greatly along with better attitudes and better classroom behavior. Sports schedules would have to be rearranged due to be a four-day school week. For small children on the free day would have to be put in daycare or have to have a babysitter. The cost of a four day school week would be beneficial and in some ways not that much. Also on the free day teachers would have more time to prepare their lessons and go in deeper thought with the students.
The extra day in the four-day week would allow more rest but would also allow a non-stressful day. "Being out of school one extra day per week allows students to relax or to be more productive,"(Bradley) this quote implies that students get more time to finish work that is due in a certain amount of time. Students who don 't have make-up work, homework, or projects get to relax on their free day but others…

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