Essay The Day At National Park Community College

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It is the spring semester of 2016 at National Park Community College. The day begins with Joan Henry’s English Composition 11 class where Mrs. Henry divides the class into groups of four. She gives the class our first assignment which includes exchanging contact information and an informal interview. The topics chosen for the interview include my classmate’s hobbies, accomplishments and goals. The three English Composition 11 students I interviewed are Kevin Uribes, Jennifer Conrad and Shandi Trent. The first student I had a chance to interview is the young and quite Kevin Uribes. My first topic is to ask Kevin about his hobbies. (1) Kevin explains that he enjoys hanging out with his friends while playing video games. Currently he plays2K NBA, which gives a true to life NBA experience to the gamer. In addition to playing video basketball games Kevin enjoys watching professional sports including basketball, football and soccer. I was happy to hear that his favorite pro-basketball team are the Indianapolis Pacer’s as they are mine too! When I asked Kevin why he likes watching pro sports Kevin replied,” it’s the social experience and a common bond to share between friends”. I then moved on to the next topic which will cover his accomplishments in life so far. Kevin stated that graduating in 2015 from the local Hot Springs High School with high grades was an accomplishment. Owning his own car is added to the list of Kevin’s accomplishment which is a gold/tan Toyota Camry.…

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