The Dangers Of Drinking And Driving Essay

799 Words Feb 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Almost everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving, and thousands of people died due to car crash every single day. One of the main leading causes of injuries and deaths is drunk while driving. Many people do not really care about the fact that drunk driving is very dangerous and may cause a serious fatality to death. However, a very well-known and luxurious car brand, BMW, creates an advertisement about “Don’t Drink and Drive” in 2009. This picture came out on when I searched about “Drink and Drive” advertisement. The purpose of this advertisement is to make an awareness about the risk of drinking and driving, so people might want to think twice before driving under the influence. The intended audience of this advertisement are for public and especially for drivers. This BMW advertisement tries to evoke the reader that people should not drink and drive. The main reasons are because human body parts are not easy to be manufactured, thus even though with a replacement, it will not be as perfect as new like the automobile spare parts do. At the first glance of this image, it may appeal the audience by just looking at those two legs. The left leg is the real one and the other one is the prosthetic leg. It uses pathos because it makes the reader to feel sorry for the person with the missing leg. The viewer might also become aware and seriously think about the negative consequences of getting into an accident, especially when it is being under the influence of…

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